Sunday, 15 August 2010

Welcome to Garbage Goals

OK, I'm not exactly sure who will be reading this, if anyone or where even to begin, so I guess I'll just start with a little introduction.

My name is Tim. I'm 21 and from New Jersey. I go to Endicott College in Massachusetts. Other than occasional posts on class blogs, I've never done this before. My plan is to create a blog to talk about hockey. Original, I know. But what can I say, it's something I want to do when I get out of school, so why not get used to it now. Hopefully I'll be able to post once a day as soon as I figure this whole thing out. I really had no idea there were so many options in setting up a blog. I also want to connect my Twitter or Delicious account to provide links to interesting stories.

As I said, I want to write about hockey for a living. I am working towards a degree in Contemporary Journalism at Endicott College. During my schooling, I have interned at Managed Care First Report, a medical journal, and The Home News Tribune, a local newspaper, both located in New Jersey. I have worked at the former the previous two summers. And just for good measure, I have also completed a minor in Creative Writing.

I have been going to hockey games since I was five and have now seen games in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York (Rangers), Ottawa, Buffalo, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Vancouver. I had quite an epic year watching hockey this season; I went to the Winter Classic, Olympic Games, and the Stanley Cup Final. As far as I know, the only other people to do that besides me and my Dad are Mike Richards, Chris Pronger, Kimmo Timonen, and Oskars Bartulis.

Other than hockey, my interests are reading, watching movies, tattoos, and playing pool. But for the most part, yeah, its all about hockey. Well, I'm off to fiddle around with the settings of this blog and hopefully I can post again later tonight or tomorrow.

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