Thursday, 7 October 2010

Say It Ain't So Lappy

According to reports, Philadelphia Flyers grinder Ian Laperriere has been told to retire by at least two neurologists due to post concussion syndrome and nerve damage to his right eye.

If this doesn't prove that visors should be mandatory, than nothing will. It seems each year at least one player gets seriously injured in an incident that could have been avoided had the player been wearing a visor. Isn't that right, Al MacInnis? Or Bryan Berard, Steve Yzerman, Dany Heatley, or the host of other NHLers who had to almost go blind before smartening up and putting on a visor? Bill Masterton had to die before the NHL made helmets mandatory, what is it going to take before visors are mandatory as well?

Laperriere was named the toughest player in the NHL last season by The Hockey News for reasons such as this; that's right, he lost seven (7!) teeth and came back in the same game in November; and this. Keep in mind those block came from last season alone and it's no wonder why his nose looks like that.

The latter is highly unfortunate because it not only caused the major problems he is suffering now, but it came late in a game, and a series, the Flyers had essentially already won. You have to love his willingness to put his team first time and time again, but it is a shame such a classy person may have to retire this way.

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