Saturday, 5 March 2011

Week 6 Work, March 21 Issue and Future Watch

A few new interns as well as work on upcoming special issue magazine Draft Preview and book Hockey's Greatest Records means not as much editing this week.




March 21 Issue
I think it's fitting the first issue to feature a lot of my work also has a good amount of articles on the Flyers. 
  • Pg. 7-From The Philadelphia Flyers Locker Room: Settlymyre Gets The Flyers Geared For Success, As part of an ad for Blademaster, Flyers equipment manager Derek Settlemyre discusses his job and the Blademaster.
  • Pg. 9-Fun & Games For A Reason, How the Canucks are using animations of their mascot, Fin, to teach fans proper etiquette at a hockey game.
  • Pg. 13-Chilled Out, The end result of a fan making a $50,000 charity shot that was waived off.
  • Pg. 26-Larger Market Rookies In high Demand, As part of the Memorabilia & Collectibles section, I look at how rookie jersey and autograph sales are affected by the market they play in.
  • Pg. 12-Shooting Left The Right Way, A look into the lefty vs. righty debate.
  • Pg. 20-Undaunted, The cover story about Flyers forward Danny Briere and how he has overcome adversity to become one of the league's elite snipers and playoff performers.
  • Pg. 35-Fisher's Rent-To-Own, How Nashville's trade for Mike Fisher may be the best and most important in their history.
  • Pg. 42-Beyond The Spotlight: Climb Was Tough For 'King' Kwong, A look back at Larry Kwong, the first non-white player in the NHL.
Future Watch
With all these articles, I made them fit into the space they are in now, came up with the headings and sub-headings and wrote all the captions that aren't quotes.
  • Pg. 4-Editor's Notebook: The Grisworld & The Kitsyns, A look at one of many interesting draft stories.
  • Pg. 6-Up Front: Pipeline Prodigies, The teams with the most Top 50 Prospects in the past 10 years.
  • Pg. 8-Top Prospect: Brayden Schenn, Ken Campbell takes an inside look at King's prospect Brayden Schenn.
  • Pg. 14-Representation: Sign Here, Young Man, What young players should look for when deciding on an agent.
  • Pg. 15-From the Atlanta Thrashers Locker Room: Stewart Into Third Decade Of NHL Career, Thrashers equipment manager Bobby Stewart is in his second tour of duty in the deep south.
  • Pg. 16-No. 1 Team Edmonton: Quick Fixes No More, How the Oilers fortunes are turning around due to the draft.
  • Pg. 20-Team Grades: Report Cards...And More, Ranking the teams prospects and handicapping the system.
  • Pg. 22-Anaheim Ducks, Each team's story profiles their top 10 prospects.
  • Pg. 23-Atlanta Thrashers
  • Pg. 25-Buffalo Sabres
  • Pg. 26-Calgary Flames
  • Pg. 28-Chicago Blackhawks
  • Pg. 30-Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Pg. 31-Dallas Stars
  • Pg. 32-Detroit Red Wings
  • Pg. 33-Edmonton Oilers
  • Pg. 34-Florida Panthers
  • Pg. 35-Los Angeles Kings
  • Pg. 36-Minnesota Wild
  • Pg. 37-Montreal Canadiens
  • Pg. 39-New Jersey Devils
  • Pg. 40-New York Islanders
  • Pg. 41-New York Rangers
  • Pg. 42-Ottawa Senators
  • Pg. 43-Philadelphia Flyers
  • Pg. 49-Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Pg. 50-Vancouver Canucks
  • Pg. 52-Sneak Peek: 2011 Draft, A profile of Kitchener Ranger Gabriel Landeskog.
  • Pg. 54-Sneak Peek: 2012 Draft, An inside look at Everett Silvertips defenseman Ryan Murray.
  • Pg. 56-Sneak Peek: 2013 Draft, Darnell Nurse of the Don Mills Flyers is featured here.
  • Pg. 58-NHL Talent Pipeline, The London Knights are the leading producers of NHL talent iun the junior level.
  • Pg. 60-Free Agent Watch, A look at the top college free agents.
  • Pg. 62-Rewind, Looking back at the 2001 and 2006 Future Watch classes.
  • Pg. 64-Rewind, A review of 20 years of Future Watch.

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