Friday, 22 April 2011

Bahston Announcahs

Before I get into it, let me just say this. I'm not trashing Jack Edwards because he's a homer. Pretty much every team announcer is, that's what they get paid for. However, there is a major difference in in announcing a game while focusing more on the home team and being a fan with a microphone. I am writing this because he is arrogant, does not know hockey well and (this goes more for Andy Brickley) people with Boston accents should not be on TV. I've been to a few Bruins games, but I still can't find this Gah Den place they seem to play at when I'm not there.

I tweeted a link a few days ago from the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo! Sports. But Twitter is not enough, this deserves a full blog post. The video shows Jack Edwards being his usual loud-mouthed, pretentious self. He is almost as bad at announcing as Mike Milbury is at being a GM. Let's break down the video.

0:53 He's (Benoit Pouliot) trying to make a name for himself here in the playoffs. He's lining up against Andrew Ference, he's a much bigger man and he's got a real tussle on his hands here. Going for a wrestle and Ference gets the takedown, no surprise.

The first part of that, when you read it, sounds like a complement, but Edwards is ripping on him. Since when is fighting someone bigger than you, trying to help out your team and give them some momentum, a bad thing? Pouliot should be lauded, instead Edwards slights him. And after that, is overcome with joy that Ference won the fight even though he was talking about how Pouliot is not a fighter literally seconds earlier. He should be commended for going after Ference who has 20 career fights compared to three for Pouliot.

Then  Brick comes in talking about Pouliot's "gutless hit" moments before the fight. This after Edwards made such a big deal of Pouliot missing the hit. While watching the replay Brick was complaining the hit was from behind even though that very replay showed Pouliot making contact with the spoked B on the front of Johnny Boychuk's jersey.

2:02 Gives it away to Peverly, he scores. Rich Peverly, isn't that rich.

Wow, did you come up with that all by yourself? Because that's genius. Isn't that rich. His name is Rich. That took me a while to figure out, I guess it's just too complicated a connection for me.

2:42 The last time the Bruins had a three goal lead in the playoffs...I'm sorry, we had some kind of electrical interference I couldn't complete that sentence. 

Well Jack, allow me to help you out there. The last time the Bruins had a three goal lead in the playoffs, they chocked badly, leading the the biggest collapse in sports history. Still don't remember? Yep, it did indeed happen and too many men on the ice burned your beloved franchise again.

2:55 Hamrlik goes down as if SHOT. GET UP! Here comes Cammalleri, Montreal trying to nurse RIDICULOUS calls out of the referees. Just a great hit in the Montreal zone and Hamrlik trying to dive for a penalty.

OK, first thing. If it is such a great hit, then how is he diving? If a hit is hard enough, the guy is supposed to go down. The video on Yahoo! cuts it off, but you can see the hit here. In that video Michael Ryder and Roman Hamrlik blatantly hit the boards and go down at the same time, yet somehow only Hamrlik is diving. He calls it a great hit, but Ryder is the one getting hit. I wonder how deep into his ass he had to go to pull that call out. Seriously, Ryder has the puck, Hamrlik comes up on him, gives him a shove and they both fall into the boards. Awkwardly too, right at the base of the boards where they don't give at all, but there's no respect for that, instead it's "GET UP." I'm willing to bet if he didn't play for Boston, Edwards would call Patrice Bergeron a wimp.


I know they're both the same color, but you're supposed to be excited when the puck goes in the net, not Subban. And who gets that excited over an empty net goal? If the goal seals the Stanley Cup then sure, scream all you want, but this is Game 3 of the quarterfinal. He's more excited than the first time  a 13-year-old sees a naked girl.

Change your underwear and get over yourself.

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