Monday, 26 September 2011

Boston Bruins: Starley Cup Chanpiars

No, I did not forget to check the spelling before I posted, that's the right spelling, at least according to that tattoo artist who did Brad Marchand's tattoo. When he got inked in the locker room of TD Garden to commemorate their accomplishment, the artist spelled Champions with an A instead of an O, a gaffe Greg Wyshynski pointed out was fixed later. Of course that isn't a big deal. A simple fix and he's ready to go, it's not like there were any more mistakes. Oh, wait...

Marchand also mentions how he has no idea how the rumor started the tattoo said 'Starley.' That may be because the artist is worse at cursive than Happy Gilmore was at hockey. Any third grader can tell you a cursive N has two humps and a cursive M has three. The supposed Ns even have that little notch at the top like a cursive R. Both of those Ns are Rs and that M is an N. There is no other way of looking at it.

The Boston Bruins font is atrocious as well. None of the letters are the same size, or even straight for that matter. It looks shoddy and rushed, not how I would want to remember a moment like winning the Stanley Cup. At least it's spelled right though. Now it's just a matter of how many more he wins and deciding what to do from there. As Wyshynski said, there are a few things to consider:
(a) adding additional dates for additional Bruins Cup wins or (b) the awkward decision on how to commemorate a Stanley Cup he wins with another team or (c) when he's 50 years old and the torso tattoo he got at 23 looks like banner advertising being dragged by an airplane at the beach.
Sorry Brad, but your tattoo is bad. Your gesture to announce your greatness to the world? It's a total fail. I know you were only on your entry level deal, but you could have afforded better service than that. It is not only small, but its placement doesn't allow much room for expansion either, at least not in a way that would look good. If he does win more with the Bruins he'll just have a bulleted list and if he wins with another team, he'll just have random teams and dates all over his torso. It's a good thing tattoos weren't as popular in Henri Richard's day.

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