Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What I've Done So Far

February 8 is a day the hockey world will remember. They may not notice now, but the impact of today will be felt later on. The first issue of The Hockey News that I worked on is out, here's what I worked on. For the most part, I am editing for basic grammar and fact checking, so if you don't see my name at the bottom of the article, which is just about all of them so far, I edited it.

  • wrote 'A' Plus: The Recent AHL Hall of Fame Class, pg. 10
  • edited Under the Radar, Over the Moon: NHL All-Under-Rated Team, pg. 13
  • edited Refresh: How to rebuild three struggling teams (TOR, CAL, OTT), pg. 18
  • edited Trade Deadline Rewind, pg. 26
  • edited Atlantic Division Team Reports: Trade buzz, pg. 29
  • wrote Promise Cut Short: Don Gallinger stat chart, pg. 41
Here are the articles I worked on for the website. I will start posting these everyday so you can keep up with what I'm doing.


  1. Tim
    I'm estatic that you are enjoying your work!
    I'm proud of you 98!!

  2. Maybe someone who is in first place should be editing the fantasy articles? You should suggest that to them :)